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The mission of our company is to deliver comprehensive services that includes finding with solutions to problems in the event of failure of equipment or technology and their elimination. We are flexible and committed to suit your requirements and we will prepare a service that you expect. For this reason and because of custromer inquiries we are constantly enhancing our services towards more industrial automation manufacturing, so that customers are able reduce the number of suppliers. If our services or need more information please don’t hesitate to contact us anytime.
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Price of repair

Type and price of repair varies according to manufacturer and repair centre.

  • 1. Price of repair given by a price list
    In case the item is in our repair price list customer receives offer before sending the faulty part and can choose from two types of repairs. In special cases the price of standard repair can be modified during the repair according to the damage level. This case is always discussed with the customer and the repair continues only after his approval.

    Price of exchange for a refurbished part can be changed only if the customer doesn’t give us the damage level and the product turns out to be irreparable, additional costs related to the repair can be invoiced.

  • 2. Price according to a product analysis
    Customer receives quotation for repair after an analysis of the faulty part within 14 days after receiving the faulty part. If the costumer doesen’t agree with the price , we will send the part back to the customer FREE OF CHARGE.

Type of repair

  • Standard repair

    This is a standard repair of a part delivered by the costrumer. If the part is reparable, it will be sent to a repair centre, where a complete repair, update of the latest firmware and a complete dynamic test of the whole device will be executed. There is a warranty for the whole unit, not only for the repaired part. Therefore the price doesn’t only included the new components. On units there are faulty and obsolete parts changed so that we can guarantee 100% function and provide warranty for the whole module.

    This repair takes usually 30 days, but in case of no stock availability, which can occur with obsolete parts, can also take 6-10 weeks.

    For some modules there is an urgent repair solution; it usually takes 7 working days.

    We charge an extra 20% for this urgent repair.

    For this type of repair it is necessary that the customer gives a detailed description of the fault. This type of repair can be chosen even for heavy and large products, and also for obsolete products. We offer 12 months guarantee for this type of repair.

  • Advance Exchange – refurbished part

    This type of repair means delivery of a new or repaired device from the costumer in exchange for the shipment of a faulty part. This part is provided from our stock or is requested from central spare parts stocks established for such cases. In case the new or repaired part is in stock in Kolín, it is expedited within 24 hours. Delivery from central stocks takes from 10 to 15 working days. In urgent cases it is possible to arrange an air delivery; there is an extra 15-25% charge for such a delivery. This type is perfect for those technologies, where the device cannot be shut down or the faulty part cannot be sent for a standard repair. The stock availability in these cases is very variable and it can occur that at the time of offer the part is in stock but when ordered it isn’t. If this happens the customer is informed immediately and is offered an alternative solution.

    If this type of repair is chosen, customer must return the faulty part within 15 days from delivery of a functional part. If the faulty part isn’t returned within this time, the full list price without discount is invoiced. For this type of repair it is necessary to give product series and damage level, so that we are able to define if the product is reparable or not. The price of this type of repair is 15 – 20 % higher than price of a standard repair. We offer a 12 months guarantee for this type of repair.

  • Advance Exchange – new part

    We offer this type of repair if the faulty part is irreparable or not standard by reparable. The part is irreparable at the moment when the repair is not economical or the damage level doesn’t allow repair or the part is obsolete and the new part is cheaper than the repair of a faulty part.

    With this type of repair customer receives any new part with a discount. We offer this type of repair also with an assistance of our engineer at set up. This repair takes 1 – 4 weeks, according to stock availability. If this type of repair is chosen, the customer must return the faulty part within 15 days from delivery of a functional part. If the faulty part isn’t returned within this time, the full list price without discount is invoiced.The price of repair is given only by a price list regardless the damage range and is about 60% of a price of a new part. We offer a 12 months guarantee for this type of repair.

    In case of need we are ready to provide the costrumer with an adequate substitution for the necessary period.

    If you would like to ask for a quotation, please fill in the form or download the document. We try to solve all your technical problems, as soon as possible.

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In many cases, repairing an old equipment might not be economical, so we can offer solutions on how to replace broken parts or install new ones by building them into the existing equipment or replanning the old system.

CALL us or SEND us an e-mail and we will help you to reduce your costs.

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Our company, in co-operation with Servis Control and repair centers worldwide, is able to offer and ensure repairs from most reputable firms, acting in the industrial automation sphere. If you didn’t find your manufacturer in the above list, we will still deal with you request if you send us an e-mail.

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